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9 Amazing Benefits of Organic Foods

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, produce can be called organic if certified to have grown on soil with no prohibited substances like synthetic fertilizers and pesticides applied for three years before harvest. For animals, they are organic if they have been raised in such conditions as support their natural habitation and are themselves fed organic feeds, and not synthetic.

In other words, organic foods are produced without any chemical input but through a completely natural process. They do not contain chemical additives or preservatives and are not artificially enhanced with flavours, colourings or sweeteners in any way.

Medically, it is believed that organic foods are better than synthetically enhanced foods. People are naturally more inclined to eat organic foods because it is believed they do not contain any additives that may have adverse effects on their health.

During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for organic food shut up dramatically as many consumers did everything to boost their immunity against infirmities.

Indeed, organic foods have lots of advantages. Let's look at some of them.

Environment friendly

When you consume organic foods, you are indirectly improving the environment because most of the chemicals used in producing foods have destructive properties on the environment. The natural food cycle is enhanced when animals and plants are allowed to grow naturally. The soil is also improved.

Contains more nutrients

Most of the chemicals used to enhance food affect some of the nutrients. If you want to get as many nutrients from your food as possible, then consume organic foods. This would benefit your health better.

Natural taste

Whereas many food producers use chemicals to sweeten foods and improve their taste, naturally tasting plants or animals are still the best. When you eat food that has no chemical additives, you enjoy it better.

Immune booster

It is not for nothing that demand for organic food grew by over 25% in 2020 when Covid-19 struck. It is well known that the body develops better immunity with organic food. Additives are known to instead cause problems for the body.

Pesticides reduction

As a means of preserving food, producers often use pesticides to prevent losses. Most of these chemicals are absorbed by the soil and the animals. Unfortunately, these pesticides affect the soil and the body negatively. The best way to avoid this in the body is to eat organic food.

Antioxidant properties

While all kinds of food have antioxidant properties, organic foods help prevent the absorption of toxic metals and dangerous chemicals. Organic foods have more excellent antioxidant properties, which are better for the body.

Great for the health

When animals are raised organically, they are more healthy, and they have their bodies working in better condition, especially the heart. When you consume such healthy meat, it also improves the shape of your body. When animals are caged, it affects the natural development of their body.

Soil health

When plants are grown organically, the soil is preserved better. If they are enhanced with chemicals, the soil is further damaged, reducing the quality of nutrients in it.

Lower chances of cancer

Studies have shown that the chances of cancer are significantly reduced when you consume organic foods. This is understandable. Cancer-causing chemicals can easily find their way into the body through additives.


These are some great benefits of organic foods. While they may cost a bit more, they are indeed very beneficial to health.

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